Momata Hotel in the village of Kolarovo offers a pleasant and relaxed stay in the Belasitsa eco surroundings. This is a rural tourism but in new and modern rooms. We tasted traditional Bulgarian cuisine. As a surprise, we were greeted by a Bulgarian folklore group which increased the atmosphere; and when music, meals and friendship are in place, it inevitably comes to dancing Horo.

Though the village of Kolarovo has only 700-800 houses, one can receive diverse catering offers here. The atmosphere at the small restaurant and the lunch at Stefan’s in the village gave us a forgotten feeling, as if we were being guests to a rural family. Lunch was exactly how our grannies cooked it. Everything was familiar and ordinary but perfectly delicious and natural. The greatest success in answering tourists’ needs comes when the hosts are directly involved in preparing food and are constantly ready to provide additional help.

We saw, when visiting Ograzhden Mountain that villages have been abandoned by the young and a lot of time and kilometers are needed to get there, but even in such deserted places there were still some ethno-restaurants, which is something to be praised. We tasted traditional food with a rich menu: seasonal salad, beans, Gyuvech (meat baked with vegetables), Banitsa (pastry with white cheese)… ethno-atmosphere with ethno-food.

Dinner at Rukie Izirova in the village of Yavornitsa offered a surprising mosaic of local gastronomic specialties. The 70-years old hostess did not hide any secrets of her culinary mastership. We were happy to taste her cuisine for which she has got a lot of awards. The music and dancing added to the wonderful evening at Rukie’s.

The last day we had a farewell lunch at Yanksih in the village of Samuilovo. Young girls waited us at the door in national costumes and with plates of cherries. I was most impressed by the latter which are grown here in the Petrich Municipality in big massifs. The homemade roll with fig jam and bananas was an excellent dessert before our departure to Macedonia. Greetings to all. We drive on…