crossborderfuncenter.net is an official Internet portal developed within the Cross-Border Fun Center Project funded by the EU through the Interreg-IPA CBC Programme Bulgaria – former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. It has been established by the project beneficiaries: Environmental Association Planetum – Strumica and association Pirin Tourism Forum – Blagoevgrad, in order to serve the information and marketing needs of the developed partnership network called also Cross-Border Fun Center (called the Network hereafter). The two associations and the portal itself do not perform commercial activities. The sale of tourist services is done by a tour operator who is a member of the Network (called the Tour operator hereafter), while the very provision of the services is done by the suppliers themselves who are also members of the Network.

The present Terms and Conditions rule the relations between the client and the Tour operator. Different or supplementary Terms and Conditions will be applicable only after the explicit written confirmation by the Tour operator via crossborderfuncenter.net.

Conditions for booking of tourist services

The portal crossborderfuncenter.net informs about and promotes the tourist services developed by the Cross-Border Fun Center Network. Through the portal, the client can send a request to the Tour operator for the supply of tourist services. Within 24 hours, the Tour operator sends to the declared email address of the client a personalized offer answering the client’s requirements. This offer includes all obligatory elements of the Contract for Organized Travel which is signed between the Tour operator and the client after the latter declared that s/he accepts the individualized offer.

The booking of a packed tourist service “Culinary Week-end” is considered made at the moment both sides sign the Contract for Organized Travel and the client makes an advance payment / deposit of 30% of the agreed price of the packed service to the Tour operator’s bank account stated in the individualized offer or through Pay-Pal under the conditions stipulated in the same offer. The other 70%of the agreed price are payable within no less than 5 calendar days before the date of travel. In case the booking is made less than 5 calendar days before the date of travel, the advance payment must cover 100% of the agreed price of the packed service.

Altering the conditions of booking / cancellations

Changes made by the client

The client may require from the Tour operator to make changes in already agreed tourist services only under the clauses of the Contract for Organized Travel.

The client has the right to cancel the agreed services (‘agreed’ means a signed Contract for Organized Travel and paid deposit) under the following terms:

  1. If cancellation is made no less than 5 calendar days before the date of travel, the Tour operator retains the full deposit if was 30% of the agreed price of the packed service, or 30% of the paid deposit if it was 100% of the agreed price.
  2. If cancellation is made between 5 and 2 calendar days before the date of travel, the Tour operator retains 60% of the agreed price of the packed service.
  3. If cancellation is made within less than 2 calendar days before the date of travel, the Tour operator retains 100% of the agreed price of the packed service.

Changes made by the Tour operator

The Tour operator has the right to increase the price if it is only due to the following:

  1. Increase in the value of transport expenses for the organization and supply of the agreed service, incl. prices of fuel;
  2. Increase in the size of various taxes related to services under the Contract for Organized Travel;
  3. Alterations in the currency exchange courses, relevant to the Contract for Organized Travel in the period between signing the Contract and date of travel.

The Tour operator has the right to cancel the Contract for Organized Travel without any liabilities if the client does not make the deposit payment within the agreed deadline.

All other conditions are stipulated in the Contract for Organized Travel.


All complaints related to the quality of the paid services, incl. the conditions in hotels and others, must be made by the client directly on the spot in front of the service supplier or a representative of the Tour operator. In case the requirements of the client are not met, s/he must demand from the responsible person (contractor or representative of the Tour operator) to compile a certifying protocol with the name and signature of the responsible person. Within 14 calendar days after the end of the organized travel, the client must present to the Tour operator a written complaint accompanied by the certifying protocol, a copy of the Contract for Organized Travel and payment documents.

In case the client has not presented the complaint in the above manner, his/her claims will not be considered by the Tour operator. The latter has the obligation to issue a statement on the complaint within 30 calendar days after receiving it.

Personal data

As per the current Terms and Conditions, the client declares that s/he provides voluntarily his/her personal data which are needed to make a booking and provide the tourist service.

crossborderfuncenter.net and the Tour operator (the organizers) guarantee to their clients the confidentiality of provided personal data. The latter will not be used, given or made known to third parties outside the terms listed in these Terms and Conditions. The organizers have the obligation to protect the personal data of the client which they have come upon in the process of booking but this obligation becomes void if the client has given false data. Observing the active legislation and the clauses of the present Terms and Conditions, the organizers can use the personal data of the client only for the purposes stipulated in the Contract for Organized Travel. All other purposes that the data made be used for will comply to Bulgarian and Macedonian legislation, applicable international regulations, Internet ethics, rules of morale and good behavior.

The organizers are bound not to disclose any personal data of the client to third parties – state bodies, commercial associations, physical entities or others, except in the cases when they have received the written consent of the client or the information has been requested by state bodies or officials who are entitled by acting legislation to require and collect such information.


The value of insurances related to the provided services has not been included in the prices announced on the web site, unless explicitly stated otherwise. We recommend that clients make themselves a travel insurance, service cancellation insurance and/or health insurance with the Tour operator or any other agent chosen by them. The insurance contract is not a subject of these Terms and Conditions.

Passport, visa, currency and health requirements

Recommendations given for passport, visa, currency and health requirements in relation to travel are not binding. The client has to make sure in any appropriate way whether these requirements concern him/her and what should be done in the terms of his/her citizenship and the passport and visa regimes of the target country. For such and similar questions, the competent embassies and consulates should be contacted.

Exemption from liability

Regarding data for travel and individual services, crossborderfuncenter.net is based on the information provided by contractors. Crossborderfuncenter.net has no ability to check the accuracy of each piece of data at the time of booking, so crossborderfuncenter.net does not take liability regarding the completeness and truthfulness of this information. The same goes for any other information which is published on the electronic portal crossborderfuncenter.net and has been provided by third parties. The Tour operator does not guarantee the availability of travel or separated services at the moment of receiving the request from the client.

Guarantees on behalf of the client

By sending a request for booking, the client states his/her consent about every means of use of this web page on his/her behalf and account. In case the booking concerns under-aged children who are members of the client’s family and/or household, the client is responsible to overlook the use of the web page by them. Booking cannot be made in case the client has provided false or incomplete personal data. The client states his/her consent that the opportunities for service booking offered by this web page are used solely for legally-compliant contractual relations on behalf of the client him/herself or third parties on whose behalf the client may legally act.

In case these guarantees are broken by the client, s/he is liable unlimitedly before crossborderfuncenter.net, the Tour operator and the service suppliers for any damage or missed benefits resulting from the client’s actions or those of the under-aged children under his/her dependence.

Conditions for using the web page of crossborderfuncenter.net

  1. General.

The use of crossborderfuncenter.net by the client means the latter has accepted all relevant rules, conditions and guidelines.

  1. Links to other web pages.

crossborderfuncenter.net may contain links to other entities’ web pages which are maintained by other contractors and/or partners.

Such links may only serve as recommendations.

crossborderfuncenter.net cannot control these web pages of third parties or control their contents. The inclusion of hyperlinks of such pages on crossborderfuncenter.net does not suppose approval of their contents or contact with their operators. Crossborderfuncenter.net does not carry responsibility for other entities’ web pages and eventual damages resulting from their use by the clients.

  1. Opportunities for technical use of crossborderfuncenter.net

crossborderfuncenter.net does not give guarantees for permanent technical use of the web page. The inability to use crossborderfuncenter.net is not a basis for claims against damages on behalf of clients.

  1. Copyright

The selection, software, products and information are based on either personal research/programming of crossborderfuncenter.net or corresponding data/supplies of third parties, i.e. the suppliers of services and data. All data, products, software, images, illustrations and information that the client gets through this web page are protected by copyright laws and other rights regarding their ownership. For that reason, the client cannot alter, copy, disseminate, transfer, exhibit, demonstrate, multiply, re-publish, license or develop art that basis, as well as sell and give them.

Without the explicit written consent of the owner, the change of data and information, as well as their use on other web pages or for purposes other than personal and non-commercial, presents a violation of the copyright law and similar acts. If such violation occurs, crossborderfuncenter.net or the carrier of the correspondent right may seek judicial intervention following the appropriate order.




The Cross-Border Fun Center project is co-funded by EU through the Interreg-IPA CBC Bulgaria– North Macedonia Programme

This web site has been produced with the assistance of the European Union through the Interreg-IPA CBC Bulgaria-North Macedonia Programme, CCI No 2014TC16I5CB006, under the project: “Cross-Border Fun Center” with Reference No CB006.1.22.117. The contents of this web site are the sole responsibility of the Pirin Tourism Forum and EA Planetum - Strumica and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union or the Managing Authority of the Programme